Trigger using Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)

I'm a big fan of KM. So many great options.

Is there a way of triggering a macro based on UTC? I use "At time" and "cron" but I prefer to completely ignore my computer time and simply trigger macros based on UTC time. This simplifies travel to different timezone, DST changes etc.

I may be missing the obvious but I could not find a simple solution.
If not, could I suggest it for consideration in a future update? Thanks for any help.

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This is a little compolicated or convoluted, but if your main issue was hourly offsets, I used this for a work around. Set cron to run hourly for the whole day with the minute(s) of the hour you want it to run. in my case I only want this to run at 6AM MST. and because this computer running this is always in Central Time zone, I only need to run at either 7 or 8 AM. But the same logic applies.

The very first thing I do is use the "date" terminal command to get the time in Phoenix. You can check in "/usr/share/zoneinfo" for your possible options:

cd /usr/share/zoneinfo
cd America
TZ=America/Phoenix date +%H

Then use execute shell script and save to variable. then if your variable is != the time(s) you want this macro to run in UTC or AZ time, in my case 6AM, it cancels this macro.