Trigger w/ mac gesture / swipe

Is it possible to set a multi-finger gesture to trigger a macro on the Mac?

You can use simple shape gestures, but no multi-touch features (at least not that I'm aware of). However, I think BetterTouchTool (and possibly other utilities) can assign custom multi-touch gestures to hot keys. If you set the same hot key you use in your KM macro, it should work. (He says confidently, without having actually tried it :)).


@griffman is right. BTT is the best tool for any kind of gesture. You can even create your own.

Yep. I have a few trackpad triggers in BTT that fire a KM macro via AppleScript. Just copy the script from the "or by script" dropdown menu in the macro's trigger section and paste that into a Run AppleScript action in BTT.

Screenshot 2024-03-07 at 3.33.43 PM

It may be slightly faster to open a kmtrigger://macro={UUID} url than to parse AppleScript. Probably not enough to matter in most use cases.

But absolutely +1 for Better Touch Tool here. I've got 36 trackpad gestures configured.

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Good point. I use that method elsewhere, but I set up my BTT triggers so long along ago it might have been before I knew about the URL scheme.