Triggering a Macro X amount of times?

I have a macro I created using the record function, and the result is 7 different actions. I would like to trigger these 7 actions X amount of times (over a hundred).

As a quick work around I selected the recorded group and simply copy / pasted it about 10 times, and I’m manually triggering the macro it when its done with the 10. However, I would much rather enter an exact amount of times to execute this macro (i.e. 127 times) so I can do something else instead of sitting here triggering the macro every 10 times.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Use the Repeat action in the Control Category to execute the sequence of seven actions 127 times.

If you want to specify the number of times the repeat happens when you trigger the macro, look at the Variable Repeat topic.

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This worked splendidly! Thank you so, SO much!!!