Triggering more than one macro at the same time?

I assume this is a OS limitation, but does anyone know if it's possible to trigger two or more macros at the same time? I use hotkey triggers to send midi messages, so I'd like to be able to play a chord, for example. When I try this, only one of the notes gets triggered and the other doesn't trigger at all, wheras if they are separated slightly, they will both trigger. With pure midi this is not a problem, which is interesting.

On a sidenote, I've noticed only 6 macros can be actively in process at one time.. any additional held hotkey/midi note past the 6th one doesn't trigger. Is this editable and am I correct in this assumption? Thank you!

Short Answer: No.

Technically not at the same exact time, but you could have a master macro that had a series of Execute Macro Actions, each with asynchronous selected, and they all should run within microseconds of each other.



Nothing on a computer happens “at the same time”.

However you can trigger as many macros as you like using different triggers in as quick succession as you like.

This is incorrect. You can have up to 50 macros (counting sub-macros as well) running at the same time, the limitation is adjustable and mostly an emergency failsafe since running so many macros usually means that something has gone badly wrong, at which point Keyboard Maestro deliberately aborts all of them.

It sounds to me more like you are having MIDI issues.

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Thank you @JMichaelTX this is a fantastic solution.

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Thank you @peternlewis this makes sense as within each key I have about 10 macros going on!

I'd be interested in seeing how midi handles this... even though nothing happens "at the same time" on a computer, grabbing a midi keyboard and playing tons of notes at the same time makes it seem as if it does.. maybe things are structured similarly to the master macro idea JMichaelTX just suggested..