Triggerred by Notification Sound

The current KM's Trigger doesn't have things like "Sound Trigger" and I'm hoping someone can help me on (if any) create a script as a trigger.

What I need:
I need a sound notification trigger.
eg: If "Basso" sound played on the system or from certain app, execute the following actions: Alert (window) with custom text
If "Blow" sound played on the system or from certain app, execute the following actions: Open Y app.

I'm guessing since there's no trigger available for that, would script help with that? If they can, what would be the scripting and which script language?
Thanks in advance.

Hey @machina,

I'm not aware of any Mac utility that can trigger on a specific sound being played.


Thank you ccstone for the info. I thought I'd ask.
And just to clarify, I'm asking for when a (sound) trigger being played, then activate the following actions/macro NOT a Mac utility that can trigger a specific sound.

KM macro can be triggered by hotkeys, application, audio output change, clipboard trigger, folder trigger, gesture trigger, midi trigger, time of day trigger, wireless network trigger and many other triggers.
So I thought I'd ask with all those triggers available...hey why not a specific sound like the System Sound Effect can be a trigger as well?
Because it is not available on the drop down menu of trigger, who knows someone knows of a script that can recognise that sound effect (eg Basso) as a trigger.

That's what I am looking for... if available/possible

For example: if a user is doing certain activities on the Mac (say Keyboard Maestro) and perhaps the focus of the window prevent the user to click/type anywhere else, or when pressing the "ESC" key to go back or escape a certain window, the System Sound Effects by default would play Basso as an alert that particular action isn't available. I am looking to use that Basso alert sound as a trigger. I hope that clarifies it.


Hey @machina,

My point is that I'm not aware of ANY utility for the Mac that can do this, therefore I think it is very unlikely that it's possible.