Trouble Creating Reminder with Date From Variable

I want to run a macro on-demand that creates a reminder for a number of days away, that number being passed in from a variable.

The macro chokes on the VarReviewDue date passed in to the "make new reminder" line near the bottom.

For testing, I'm also passing the VarReviewDue to a separate window. If I copy that result and paste it (with quotes) in place of VarReviewDue, the macro works.

The error I get is a variation of "...Reminders got an error: can't get date "1/30/2022"..." It changes slightly based on variations of syntax I've tried.

I think Reminders can't recognize the variable as a date, though it recognizes the hardcoded text as a date.

Does anyone have ideas for what might be happening here? I'd sure appreciate any ideas or advice.

Screen Shot 2022-01-27 at 8.17.40 AM