Trouble Parsing JSON

Hello all,

Was wondering if anyone can advise me please.

I'm having trouble parsing a json returned from the chatGPT API in a variable called testJson.

            "content":"\n\nPlease check your local weather forecast or a weather website or app for the latest information."

I'm parsing with this variable but am receiving a blank:

Simpler jsons seem to be working but not this one. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!

This issue is being caused by the newline characters in testJson.choices[1].message.content.

Assuming you're using Set Variable to Text, it defaults to "Process Text Normally", which converts those \n control characters to newlines (which invalidate your JSON).

Using the action (gear) :gear: menu, you can change this setting to "Process Nothing", which should clear things up.


Thanks avtraino, I never encountered this setting before.

Much appreciated - my JSON parsing works now.