Trouble Using Safari Controls to Click Through COVID Registration Forms

The page at leads through a long series of buttons and pop-up menus before you can find out if vaccinations are available in your area. Is there a way to have KM's Safari controls click through these items, without resorting to "Click at Found Image" actions?

The way this page is constructed makes found image actions very unreliable, and often unrepeatable!


Hey Russell,

It's difficult to say without extensive testing...

The first “I Agree” button on the page you provided can be clicked like this with a Execute a JavaScript in Front Browser action:


If they're not changing up the code, you can probably construct one or more Execute a JavaScript actions to do the job.

Here's an example of how to wait until a web element exists before continuing:

Macro: Pause Until Web Page Element Exists [Example]

Good luck.


Thanks, Chris. It's turned out to be much more involved than I expected. Someone on the Automators forum suggested the app, "Fake," but I've already spent enough time on this. I might give their free trial a spin, though.


Don't bother. It's too complicated and hasn't been updated in over 4 years.


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