Trouble with a simple text copy

I am new to KM.
I am looking to copy a text field from inside a remote desktop window (running in Microsoft Remote desktop beta).
I have asked KM to find the text box using the find image function, and clicking.
The text is correctly found and highlighted. I then pause 0.5 secs, then Type CMD-C keystroke. It does not capture the text to the clipboard. I see a time out exceeded message. If I manually press cmd-c, the text that KM highlighted gets copied as intended. Why does the type CMD-c function not work?



Usually this type of issue is due to timing, so you can try:

It is always best to post your macro (image and file) so that we can see exactly what you have, and we can easily test it.

I have now found it is not possible to do this across a remote desktop.
By sending a key code using apple script sorted the issue.


That's great that you have resolved the issue.
Would you mind posting your macro/script so all could benefit?

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