Trouble with adjusting a slider


I’m trying to set a slider in iMovie using KM. However, I’m having trouble using KM’s Move or Click Mouse action. The slider controls the volume of the movie clip and defaults to 100%. Using the slider, the volume can be increased to a few discrete values only, so as one slides the slider to the right, the volume adjustment jumps from 100% to 107%, 114%, 123%, 132%, etc. I want to select 123%. Using KM, I can easily click on the slider and drag it a number of screen pixels. However, if I drag the slider one pixel, the volume is set to 114%. If I drag it two pixels, the volume is set to 134% skipping over 123%. I guess iMovie is looking at the mouse movement and is picking up mouse movements of less than one pixel and updating the slider’s numeric value without moving the slider itself on the screen. I tried doing two drags--one up and then one down just to see if that might change things but no luck. I don’t see any way around this, so I thought I’d turn to you all for any suggestions. Ideas?

Regards, Eric

have you tried using 3 actions:
1-click and hold


also, if you click the slider once, can it be moved with the keyboard arrows?

last question, tried using the script to know if it's scriptable:


Thanks for the suggestions. I tried the three-step method, but I got the same results. The arrow-key idea didn't work either. I did, however, find a solution. First I drag the slider way to the left so the slider knob is out of the way. Then I do a single click in the area of the slider where the knob isn't which snaps the knob to that location. By adjusting the exact click location pixel by pixel, I found one that landed on 123%. This feels like a kludge to me which might break, but it's working for now. I will investigate the Window Information Tools you pointed me at. Thanks again for your help.


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