Trouble with "Select or show a menu item"

Although it used to work fine, Keyboard Maestro is having trouble with the "Select or show a menu item" action.

I'm making a macro for Mac Mail app, to move the selected message to a second-level mailbox. (There's a folder named "Inbox Focuses" that contains mailboxes for Friends, Home, etc.) However, when I use the "Select or show a menu item" action's "Menu" drop-down to drill down to the desired mailbox, it doesn't have an arrow that lets me drill in to the final mailbox, as this screenshot shows:

What's strange is that the "Old Projects" folder does show the drill-down arrow. It's set up exactly the same way as the "Inbox Focuses" folder that isn't working.

Yesterday, when working on a similar macro, I found that if I went into Mail and dragged the top end level folder to another spot, Keyboard Maestro did show the drill-down arrow. However, that's not working today.

I've restarted both Keyboard Maestro and Mail, and even restarted the Mac.

Ventura 13.5.2 on an M1 MacBook Air. Keyboard Maestro 10.2.

Any idea what's going on? Thanks!

What does the actual menu look like?

Keyboard Maestro can only see what the application shows, and the menus are not necessarily updated when the application is in the background.

You could try using Recording to record the menu selection.

I've attached screenshot of what the Mail menu looks like. As you can see, the structure is Message>Move to>Inbox Focuses>Friends.

When I used the "Select or show a menu item" action, it created the "Inbox Focuses" submenu, which didn’t work. When I used the Recording tool, it skipped that submenu and created Message>Move to>Friends, and it DID WORK. So, I’ll remove the "Inbox Focuses" submenus from my macros.

How would Keyboard Maestro handle a "Friends" mailbox if there were two of them in different Mail folders?


No it isn't - the Friends menu is in the menu, not in a submenu. It is indented, but not in a submenu.


All of those menus are in the same submenu.

You might not be able to specify them uniquely if they have the same name and are both in the same menu.

OK. Thanks!