Troubleshooting keyboard maestro syncing

Now using OS10.15 & KM 9.03 and yes I am a procrastinating former QuciKeys user who kept putting off converting. Have converted 62 QK actions into working KMs so far. Then turned to syncing with my home computer via new KM dropbox folder created for the process by selecting "new" and locating it in my DB-Computer related files-KM folder as "Keyboard Maestro Macros.kmsync" and it was only 16KB.
Then on home computer selected that file. Nothing happened. Checked the folder later and it has not changed since it was formed yesterday at 3:54PM. Have turned syncing off and back on - have restarted computers without an effect. Anyone have suggestions?

The .kmsync file should be the same size as the Keyboard Maestro Macros.plist file (Open Logs Folder). The kmsync file should be updated every time you change a macro (so just rename a macro and verify that the file changes).

Catalina has all sorts of folder access restrictions, and Dropbox may also have interactions with the Catalina folder access restrictions.

If the two files are not the same size, of the file is not changing, then Keyboard Maestro may be being blocked from writing the file (though why it would be able to write part of the file I have no idea).

Verifying the folder permissions or possibly giving "all disk" permissions might help.

Thank you. Will check it out.