Truncated Leading Digit

I have a macro that retitles a pdf using a filename format that begins with the form "MM - YYYY".
The data for these elements is user input, with one element for the month and one for the year so that a typical result will look like 02 - 2022 (plus additional text made up of text and variables).

Since upgrading to Monterey I found that periodically, but with no pattern I can detect, the leading digit of MM is dropped, so that 01 becomes 1 and 11 becomes 1. Note that this can apply to any digit pair, not just ones.

I'm looking for suggestions as to what might be the cause of the dropped digit.

The process of creating the new filename is handled by pasting the new name made up of text and variables into the appropriate Finder field before the macro presses the SAVE button.
As far as I can tell the digit is dropped when the variable is pasted as part of the new name. that is to say 02 - 2022 becomes 2 - 2022

The macro has been working for years and this problem only appeared after upgrading to Monterey and upgrading to KBM 10.0

Any suggestions as to the cause of the problem would be appreciated.


Never identifiable without seeing the macro itself.

Truncated Leading Digit

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