Trying to copy specific text from webpage

I am having an extremely hard time figuring this out. I haven’t seen any forums that give the answer i’m looking for. basically I have a macro setup to pull a username and password from excel file, copy them, go to a website and login, then go to account settings page. When I get to the account settings page I want to be able to copy the date that the account membership will end. the inspect element for it is goes like this,

    element for two main paragraphs, an
  • class for my specific paragraph that includes the date, and then the date I want to copy is just listed as (< b > Apr 3, 2017< / b >) I can not figure out how to specify the date and copy it. please help, thanks.

It’s hard to make a recommendation without seeing the whole HTML, but you can find a date like that by getting the HTML into a variable, and then using a Search Variable action for something like:

<b>(\w{3,15} \d{1,2}, 20\d\d<\/b>