Trying to create shortcuts for Tiny MCE

As noted in the title, I am trying to create shortcuts for Tiny MCE web editor, specifically to change font color and the set ‘Section 1’ or ‘Section 2’ header styles. I can set the hotkey (of course), and can change the focus to the MCE toolbar, but I can’t just use ‘right arrow’ to get to the appropriate tool, since I don’t have a way to set the start point. I tried ‘Select or show menu item’, but the macro just crashes, saying it can’t find that menu (I suspect it is just searching the primary Chrome menu, rather than the toolbar that is in focus).

Anyone have any suggestions?


If I remember correctly TinyMCE is loaded into a web page. Right?

So your starting point might well be writing some JavaScript to run in your browser. Look up “Bookmarklet” in this FORUM.

However - because I once tried to javascript some pages that had TinyMCE in - it is a pain in the neck to navigate the web page with JavaScript.

Thanks for the suggestion, Martin. I’ll look into it.