Trying to press the `Recently added` button in Mac music app..need suggestions

Hi all

so I need some veteran suggestions on this annoying issue :slight_smile:

there are buttons/menu items in apples music app (the post iTunes one..) that have no keyboard shortcuts, no menu entries and so on.. see ie the Recently added button:


im trying to figure out how to map a keyboard maestro bind to get me to that section (like clicking the button). Would love some input from you guys!

I now there are these Find Image on Screen macros but this I assume will not work as I move from one screen size to another (MBP> docked screen) and probably have other issue? Also I have no clue how to use it :laughing: (I did look at the wiki :))

thx a lot for any tips in advance




Personally, I use the Move and Click Mouse Action for static areas such as this. This is my preferred method over Find Image on Screen mainly because I don't like to bloat my KM Macro plist file.

Here is the Action:

Press the Get area and a 5 second countdown will begin.
Quickly go to the Music application and hover over the Music - Recently Added area before the 5 second countdown is up.

This should help you.

As far as your 2nd inquiry - If you are in another application, you should use the Activate specific action (for Music) before this action. Using this will switch you to the Music application from whatever screen or application you are using. Depending on the speed of your machine, you may have to use a Pause Until action or a Pause action between the two commands.

Does this answer your question?


@kcwhat thx that helped alot!

only issue is I wonder what happens. when you switch screen resolutions (ie when you switch from MBP to docked mode with a 4k screen). Is there a way to accommodate different scenarios?



@zeltak - You're Welcome.

As far as your latest question, I have an iMac 27inch so I don't have your particular setup. Don't be afraid to test it out and report back. If it doesn't work, you can easily modify the macro to cover both screens or make one for your 4k screen and another for your laptop.

Search Screen Size, in the forum.

A quick link for you to research and try:

Best way to test for screen size?


As long as you don't have Keyboard Maestro deleting important files or running scripts that you don't fully understand, it's ok to experiment. In this case, you are the SME (Subject Matter Expert) for your particular circumstance. Try it out! :slight_smile:


I personally use the "click at found image" action for this in Music. You just have to make sure the image found is ONLY the icon as the other areas are slightly translucent and won't work if you background changes. This has the added benefit of working even if your Music window is in a different arrangement (as opposed to the click at coordinates action that doesn't work if your window isn't in the right place).

EDIT: Never mind figured it out, supper cool!!!

cool @Bobby_Joe!

would you mind sharing you macro? This could help me understand how you did it!



Are you sure about that and did you test it? On my iMac configurations, 89 pixels right and 228 pixels down, from the front window's corner, works in many scaled resolutions regardless of where my Music window is, in dark mode and in light mode. I'm not knocking Find Image, as I adore the feature, but past experience has taught me to use it sparingly - with different monitors. Because, with Found Image, sometimes screen resolution can affect the accuracy, of a selection, so your mileage may vary.


Yes, it works perfectly for me.

Go to songs.kmmacros (10.9 KB)

Not your find image solution but did you test your claim of the coordinates not working with different window arrangements and resolutions. Mine works, as well, with different configurations. The wonderful thing about Keyboard Maestro is there are many ways to do this. If it, consistently, works the way you want that is the ultimate goal. It would be really nice if Apple designed those areas as a menu item or true button.

Thank goodness for Keyboard Maestro.

In terms of coordinates not working with different window arrangements, I meant if your window was in a different location than normal (ie rescaled or not centered).

Doesn't matter where its located. The coordinates are relative to the application's front window corner and not the main screen's corner. The window itself could be on the right, left, middle, bottom, desktop 1, 2 etc. That's why I placed the activate application action in case he sent a shortcut from another application. Yours will only work, in Music, with the cmd-S command unless you change that command everywhere. I could understand your point if you did it based off of the coordinate location of the main screen.

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Ah, I see what you mean. I will consider changing mine.