Trying to resize Scrivener front window

I recently had to reinstall Scrivener after upgrading to Catalina, and now a macro that resized the front window when showing/hiding the Binder no longer works, and I can’t figure out which of the options for manipulating window size to use and what values to enter. Whatever I do seems to have no effect on the window size.

When hiding the Binder, I would like the left-hand edge of the front window to extend to the left-hand side of the screen while leaving the position of the right-hand edge unchanged, and when showing the Binder, I would again like the position of the right-hand edge of the front window to remain unchanged. I would be very grateful if any Scrivener user could point me in the right direction.

Since no one who has Scrivener running on Catalina has jumped in, I though I'd try to offer some limited help (I don't have either).

Some Ideas:

  1. Most likely a Catalina issue -- see TIP: Resolving Catalina (and Mojave) Accessibility and Security Permissions Issues
  2. If this is a new version of Scrivener, it is possible that the target window ("Binder") has been changed to use a non-standard window that KM can't see.

I know we have a number of Forum members who use Scrivener, so maybe one of them will jump in with more specific help.

Good luck, and let us know how it goes.

Thanks for your suggestions. This is not a new version of Scrivener. Scrivener crashed the first time I tried to launch it after upgrading to Catalina, and continued to crash thereafter, and so I had to reinstall it.

Scrivener has a menu command for hiding or showing the Binder, so that is not a problem. The window I want to resize is the main Editor window, depending on whether or not the Binder is visible.

Suggest you repost your problem on the Scrivener forum and maybe iola will answer it for you.

I can't help feeling that, rather than being a problem specific to Scrivener, it is due to my lack of understanding of how to determine the values for the positions entered when moving or resizing a window with KM. If I recall correctly, in Scrivener 2 the Editor window was automatically resized when hiding or showing the Binder, and I wrote my original macro because this behaviour disappeared in Scrivener 3, and so perhaps I will repost on the Scrivener forum.