Trying to trigger using F16-F19 keys on my Logitech diNovo Mac Keyboard

Hi, I have a Logitech diNovo Mac keyboard, and I am trying to remap the function keys to KM macros. I have no success with the F16-F19 keys on my keyboard because KM does not recognize any of those key presses. It’s like they are invisible to KM. Any help would be appreciated.

Some ideas:

  • Don’t use the Logitech driver
  • Using the Logitech driver/control center, remap the F16-F19 keys.

If I use Logitech’s control center to remap F16-F19 keys, then I can’t use F1-F15 to trigger KM macros. This whole exercise started because the media control keys F7 (Previous Track) and F9 (Next Track) stopped working for me using Logitech’s mapping. I believe there is compatibility issue with Logitech’s driver and Sierra. The other annoying thing with Logitech’s control center is it won’t let me remap F7-F12 keys. At this rate, I might go with the new Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad.