Trying to turn PrtSc key into Option modifier

Attempt at making PrtSc an Option modifier.kmmacros (2.5 KB)

Hi there,
Searched but wasn't finding anything. Got a new external keyboard that was manufactured with Windows in mind, has a PrtSc key between the Alt and Ctrl to the right of the spacebar. I was able to switch the other modifiers around easily in System Preferences, but am trying to find a way to make this PrtSc key function as an Option key. Attached is my attempt, which doesn't seem to do anything. Tried different variations but I've run out of ideas. Thoughts, anyone?


KM is not good at keymapping but keyboard shortcuts, use KE instead:

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Thank you for the recommendation– I've now tried it and it doesn't seem to recognize this keyboard. But I do appreciate the suggestion!

You can submit an issue here: