Turn Off Default Control-Click Behavior in VMware Fusion?

I would like to "turn off" the default OS Control-Click mouse behavior for one app (VMware Fusion). Is this possible?

The reason I want to do this is that several of my developer apps running in Windows (under Fusion) have specific control-click behaviors that I really want to use. For example I am using the Pipeline Pilot client, and there I can control-click to move "up" a level in my subroutine. It's a very useful shortcut, but it doesn't work under Fusion on my Mac. Instead, when I control-click the Mac processes it as a right-click. It never sends the control-click to the windows app.

Any suggestions?


John Feinberg
Montclair, NJ

Question: Are you using keyboard and mouse profiles in VMware to change what is sent to the Windows machine?

I did initially try editing the keyboard and mouse profile in VMware - I turned off the Secondary Button -> Control Primary button shortcut:

This did not help.

But after I read your post I looked again and again. I then realized when I had first tried turning off the Secondary Button checkbox, I had done that under the default profile. But what I needed to do was select the Windows 10 Profile instead. Now I can control-click things properly in Windows! This is really great.

Thanks for re-pointing me in the right direction!


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