Turn off hotkeys when in a AXTextField

I’ve got various hotkeys that are on letter keys or the keypad, when I am renaming a file or saving a file.
The hotkeys run in Finder so I can’t disable the app “finder”

Is this possible?

Unfortunately, there is no good way to determine this. The best you can do is to have a hot key (or other trigger) toggle the macro on/off, and manually turn it off when you want to use the letter keys.

Since Peter indicates this is not possible, you might try using a palette with single-letter hotkeys. You could show/hide the palette when needed, or not needed.

For example, I have this palette with many single-letter hotkeys, which I show/hide with ⌘⌃⌥W

Thanks for the help.
I will have to rethink the way I use it. although I will use a toggle to disable. Its often for using photoshop and you need to type text or rename a file.

I made this post and with this one the issue is that it works that if i tap the hotkey its reacts to do normal behaviour sadly there is still a delay and the hot key i pressed doesn’t happen till the next character has gone down. For example if i type 3.1 I get 31. [.] being the hotkey.

Like I said I will have a rethink as to the way I use the hotkeys.

As a footnote, I have now got my work to buy it!! Very happy!!!

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It is generally best to limit non-modifier hotkeys (different from typed string) triggers to use with a palette.
There should be no delay with Hot Key triggers (KM Wiki), and they do not depend on the next character typed. Perhaps you are referring to Typed String trigger (KM Wiki).