I just installed the software on my Mac.

How do I run the tutorial. I get one window that circles a folder, but I do I continue?

Just follow the instructions. The first instruction is to Select/Click the Global Macro Group, then click the circled + when making the macro. It's just simple instructions to make a macro.

First instruction Select the Global macro group:

Screen Shot 2020-06-14 at 1.01.24 PM

In the wiki, it can guide your full instruction.

How do I create a new Macro?

If you have not done so, use the tutorial by choosing the Help ➤ Tutorial menu to lead you through the process of creating a simple macro.

To create a Macro, launch Keyboard Maestro and select the Global Macro Group, then click the + button under the Macros list. Give the Macro a name, add one or more triggers, and one or more actions. The Macro is immediately active — you do not need to stop editing, quit the editor or anything else.

An easy way to generate macro actions is to turn on recording and proceed to show Keyboard Maestro what you want to do. Then turn recording back off and look through the actions — chances are you will want to delete or adjust some of the recorded actions to make a robust macro, but this will give you a quick start on creating the macro.