Two-finger Scrolling in MBP

I didn't find an answer anywhere, so I guess it is not possible to simulate a Two-finger Scrolling on the MBP Touchpad?

If so, could it be possible to suggest it as a future feature? (No idea how simple it could be, but, again, since it doesn't exist I assume it's not that easy?) Lots of "guess" and "assume" in such a short question, huh?)

UPDATE: Sorry, but only now (some days later) I realized I asked the wrong question. Apologies for that and thanks to members who tried to help me!

You could do that in System Prefs - Trackpad

Oh, sorry. Apparently I didn't explain myself properly.
I know how you can control/change/etc. the gestures in the SP.

I meant if there is a way to move (scroll) the screen/part of the screen up/down with KM. (As you said, we can do it with 2 fingers in the trackpad and then move it up or down).
I want to move the whole screen up and down with an action within KM. (Like we can move the cursor with the "Move and Click Mouse" action.)
(Hope this time its clear). :slight_smile:

There's a KM action called Simulate Scroll Wheel.

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Thanks for your reply.
Yes, tried that before posting the question.
Maybe I'm missing something, but all it did was just moving the cursor from the coordinates it was before to the new given coordinates.
What I want is, instead of moving just the cursor, to move/scroll/drag the screen (or an object on the screen) up/down/right/left.

Yes, I think you are!

Here's my Simulate Scroll Wheel action macro:

KM 0 2020-08-19_11-40-59

And this is a screenshot of this discussion in Safari before I run the macro:

and after running the macro:

You can see the mouse pointer has not moved, but the screen has scrolled down (by 300 pixels in this case). Actually, the viewing area on the page has scrolled down!

I don't know what it is you're doing that's preventing this from happening - you should show us the macro you're using so we can help find the problem.

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Thanks tiffle for taking the time to check my post!
I was trying to drag a song in iTunes to a playlist from the list on the left

with the "Move and Click" action.
I used it the wrong parameter ("Drag to"). When I changed it to ("Drag absolute") it worked.
Thank you all for your help, very much appreciated!

Glad you got it sorted :grinning:

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