Two Macs running KM and Syncing

I am running two Macs with KM But and few Macros I don’t want to run on both Mac’s. When I disable a Macro it will be disabled as well on the other Mac by the Syncing action. My question is: Is it possible to switch macro off on this mac only? “A Switch”

I know I could add an action to the Macro though a Switch would be ideal…

Is this what you want

I have two Macs that have KM installed. I created a special group for each 'Olympus' and 'Saturn', any macro that should only be used on one of those machines - maybe because it relies on software that's only on one, or a disk that is only connected to one etc. then those go in the relevant group.

On Olympus I set the 'disabled on this mac' option for the 'Saturn' group and vice-versa. All the other macros get synched as normal and are available on both.

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I should have been more clear, I should have stated “a Switch in Macro to Disable on this Mac” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Ah okay, sorry.

I guess you could do that and move it into the disabled group but it might be a pain to re-enable. You could put an added condition on to check for a file - much like running apps do with an file - then if the file exists you just ‘cancel this macro’.

Workaround and not brilliant. New to KM so maybe there is a way to do what you need, hopefully a more experienced user will help out.

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Hey Bill,

I’m not doing any syncing, so I cannot test. However…

You do have a direct method available to identify what Mac you’re on and then proceed accordingly.

KM Manual:

“Since your two Macs will likely not be identical, you may have to adjust your macros to work properly on both Macs. Using the various Text Tokens and functions can help. For example the %MacUUID% is a unique ID for each Mac, and can be used to test which Mac the macro is running on.”

So on one Mac it could do one thing and on another it could do something else.


I use the text token %MacName% to check which system I am on. If it is not the one on which I want the code to execute, it just ends the macro. For example:

If All Conditions Met
The text %MacName% is not ‘Odin’

Anything after the above will execute as long as I am not on the system named Odin. You could nest similar statements if necessary to eliminate more than one option. That would be a bit messy code-wise, but it works.

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