Two-tone Application Switcher Color

I was playing with an Application Switcher macro and changing the color. If a new "Activate Application Switcher" is used, the default color is this two-tone swatch:


When I manually change the color, I get only one color:


Am I missing out on an undiscovered feature?

I'm struggling to figure this out for you. I may have solved it. I got stuck like you did, then I noticed when I rolled the opacity level down, the two tone came back. That's not really the full explanation, but I think that's close. I think the misunderstanding is that it's not really two tone, it's just showing the opacity level.

I also learned something else while poking around here. The OPTION-LEFTARROW and OPTION-RIGHTARROW key combinations change the size of a KM action. I might use that.

You pegged it @Sleepy! By changing the Opacity in the color picker, I get the two toned effect. Now I know why I never liked the default Application Switcher: not opaque enough!

You made my day. I actually helped someone. Normally I just help myself.


Correct, in the Apple color picker, behind the color there is basically a black and white triangle. For opaque colors, you cannot see it at all, for partially transparent colors, you see the dark and light extremes of the color you select. For fully transparent colors (as you might use in the “fill” color of a rectangle), you see pure black and white triangles.