Type a keystroke actions not working as expected

I’m trying to simulate a keypress (right arrow) with a command modifier using the Type a Keystroke and Type Modifier actions. I have a modifier action set to press and hold followed by type a right arrow keystroke action. I would expect this to put the marquee at the end of the current line in the currently active window. All it does, though, is shift the marquee one character to the right.

I’m working around it by using an applescript action but this requires the code to have a couple of 1 second delays. I’m kind of hoping that the keystroke actions will speed things up a touch.

any thoughts appreciated.

You don't need press and hold. The normal press and release will work fine.
I use this all the time and it works great.

The right arrow keypress works just fine. It’s the modifier that has no effect, whether press and hold is set or not. The marquee moves one character to the right where I’d expect it to move to the end of the line if the modifier was working.

If I understand your post correctly, you're currently using a macro like this, right?

I believe what @JMichaelTX was trying to tell you is that these can be combined into a single "Type a Keystroke" action, which should accomplish what you're trying to do. Try deleting or disabling the "Type Modifier" action and just using ⌘→ together in the "Type a Keystroke" action, so that it looks like this:

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Of course. I’m an idiot. Thanks.