Type Keystroke/Hotkey Action in Workflow Fails to Execute

New User—any advice welcome.


On my Mac, I have two monitors. On each monitor, I use multiple desktops. I use Magnet as a window manager and have global hotkeys set to arrange and move windows (e.g., full screen, half screen, push to next monitor, etc.). In the workflow I am having issues with, I have created a Keyboard Maestro macro to open an application and trigger a hotkey for Magnet to shift the display to the next desktop.


  1. Activate Application
  2. Pause Until Application is Running
  3. Type the ⌃Right Arrow Keystroke (the Magnet hotkey I use to shift a display to the next desktop)


  • The macro does open the application.
  • The display never shifts to the next desktop
  • Magnet is active. I can manually press ⌃Right Arrow and the display shifts as expected

Am I missing something? Are there other ways I should consider setting this up?

Thank You

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One thing to try is changing the pause in step 2 to Pause Until Application Is At The Front.

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Thank you! I appreciate the tip.