Type "S/" to make the "$" appears written in the X font. How to make it?

How do I make a Typed String Trigger that turns a sequence into a letter that is written in a specific font?
Just to put in contest: I write some tests that use some symbols on them, and those symbols I have on my Mac as a font. So some letters on this font are in fact those symbols that sometimes I use. I wish to make a letter be written with a specific font when I type a sequence of letters, so that I don't have to manually chance the font all the time.
For example: type "S/" to make the "$" appears written in the X font.
Is that possible?

To be able to specify the font you need to paste styled text. So use the Insert Styled Text by Pasting action.

One issue you will have is that this will actually change your font, and further typing will be in this font. So you may want to do something like:

  • Type a Space
  • Type a Left Arrow
  • Insert Styled Text by Pasting
  • Type a Right Arrow.
  • Type a Delete (this is optional and may or may not work to retain the original style depending on the target application).

Hello @Lrateke, it took me a while to find a working solution for myself.
In my example I would like to have the text written in red while writing. The macro is a bit like @peternlewis described it:

Red.kmmacros (14,3 KB)

In action it would look like this:


To get back to the original font (size), I write the following word in red again and then convert it again with this macro:

Black : Font.kmmacros (13,1 KB)

For your purposes (font) you have to change this in the first macro