Type the keystroke Shift + W

Hi everyone,

I want to create a macro that will hold shift + W for running in a game. When I ‘simulate the keystroke’ the shift key does not register alone. Keyboard Maestro will accept only when I press shift and another key together. I tried the macro with ^W and the W is being held but it is not holding shift. Does anyone have any helpful ideas? Thanks for the help

Use the Type a Keystroke action to type a Shift-W, and adjust the settings on the action in the gear menu to Press and Hold. The shift and the W will be held down.

Note that the keys will be released when the macro completes.

What game is it? Might there not be an auto-run key binding in the settings?

It is Ark: Survival Evolved. Unfortunately there is no auto run. Hence I want to create a simple macro.

I did try that Peter, with the ^W bound. The auto forward is working but the game is acting like it is not pressing shift. In the macro, it holds ^W, it is paused until I press it again, and then it will release. W is working but I’m not running, which is shift. Perhaps a problem between maestro and the game? Thanks for your help.

The game may be tracking the hardware shift key. Cross Platform apps, Games, Emulators and Remote Desktops often jumpy through hoops to get some desired behaviour and so do not always behave as normal.