Type the Section Sign Keystroke

Is there help for what the different options under the Keystroke command do or can do?
Why would Section Sign be something that is listed is that a useful command for something? I only found one post where that was even referenced in the forums.


Similarly, what is JIS Yen, JIS Underscore, JIS Key Pad Comma etc. used for?

I looked on the Hot Key Trigger Wiki

and searched

Really cool I didn't realize you could send actins to background applications in v8 I missed that cool function!

I’d say the Section sign is useful in the same way that Caps Lock is: You’d rarely want to use it in practice so you could map something else to it.

In the case of Caps Lock many people simulate the Escape key with it.

I use Cmd+Section to switch windows in an app. I use Section in my terminal emulator (x3270) for something specific to the emulator.

I can’t comment on the Japanese keystrokes.

As an attorney, I use the section sign all the time. I have a symbol keyboard shortcut setup in Microsoft Word, but using it anywhere else would be pain without this keystroke option.

Presumably along with the paragraph symbol, wherever that is on the keyboard. :slight_smile:

So, are you actually pressing CMD+OPT+6 to get this § ?

On my (UK) keyboard it’s showing above the tab key - on the Upper West Side. :slight_smile:

Wow! I would never have guessed that the UK KB is different from the US KB.
But it is:



Curious that this article does NOT identify that difference:
Differences Between the US and UK Computer Keyboard

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I wonder if option+6 § does it on a UK keyboard.

Thanks for the posts everyone, I look forward to any insight on the JIS stuff and why that made the list.

Yes. It does. At least on this Logitech iPad one.