"Typed string" in "Trigger Macro by name"

Just wondered; would it be possible to add support for "Typed String Triggers" inside the "Trigger macro by name" popup?
I guess this was probably deactivated on purpose as you can search the "Trigger Strings", but thought I ask anyway.

The reason why I ask is that I got some macros triggered with regex strings like "timer10s" that gives me a timer for 10(/x) seconds(/minutes/hours). In some situations there's no field to type so it would be handy to do this in the "trigger macro by name" popup.

As @peternlewis has explained, it is not possible to use KM text expansion (typed string) to trigger macros when you are using another KM dialog.

To solve your problem you will need to create a separate Macro for each unit of your timer macro, give it an appropriate name, and then call the current macro with a parameter that indicates the units. Of course the current macro will have to be changed to check for a parameter passed in the %TriggerValue% token.


Just have your current macro check for the %TriggerBase% token. If it returns "Trigger Macro by Name", then you can prompt for the timer parameters.

See TriggerBase token

Make sense?

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