Typed text string macros are not working

Something happened to my typed text macros (aka text expanders). None of them works.
I went through the check list outlined here: Triggers not working
But unfortunately nothing helped. Here is what i did:
1 to 6. Check
7. If i type the string, nothing happens, if i fire it from the status menu - everything works as it should with status text displayed
8. Again, if i type the trigger string - nothing happens and there is nothing in the debug window. If i fire the macro from the status menu, then i can step through the macro in the debug window and everything works as it should.

I would guess either Accessibility permissions are not enabled for the Keyboard Maestro Engine, or the system is in Secure Input Mode.

Both should usually be indicated by a warning triangle in Keyboard Maestro’s main window.

See the wiki Troubleshooting page Typed String Triggers Not Working.

I do have accessibility feature enabled for both Keyboard Maestro and Keyboard Maestro Engine.
Also i used this: Disable Secure Input? and this: Determine if the system is in Secure Input Mode to see if i have Secure Input enabled. Both tools showed that i did not have Secure Input enabled (they returned nothing or false). Also Keyboard Maestro Editor does not have a warning sign anywhere i can see.

Is Keyboard Maestro complaining about any issues when you launch it? Is there a yellow warning triangle in the bottom right corner of the editor window, or any message in the Keyboard Maestro status menu?

Have you restarted?

If you’re still having trouble, none of those are showing anything, and restarting does not work, post your macro here, and an image of the macro and an image of the containing macro group.

No, it does not complain of anything and there is no warning sign on KM status menu.

But restarting Mac solved the problem.

My guess is that the Mac was in a state where it thought that accessibility was enabled, but that it actually wasn’t. Unfortunately, the system occasionally gets into this state. Thankfully since 10.10.3 it generally only happens after you first enable accessibility or after a system upgrade so it is fairly infrequent now.