Typing in KM is slooooooooow - how to diagnose issue?

OK, so I have a feeling what may be causing this, but first let me explain the symptoms:

When typing/editing text inside KM, from typing/editing a macro name to editing text inside a macro, for example a simple 'display text' macro, the responsiveness is HORRIBLE and error-prone. Letters are missed, delays are really bad.

It was not always like this though, and please bear in mind I am using this on an M2 Macbook Air with 24gb RAM. It's not short of resources. I get similar results on an M1 iMac.

What I think might be happening: I have a lot of typed string macros (for work I reference a lot of W3C documents that I have shortcuts for - around 900). I was wondering whether having so many of these was causing it issues? I have temporarily disabled them, but still having responsiveness issues.

Is there any way that I can diagnose what is causing this issue? Any likely culprits I should hunt down?

I generally don't use typed string triggers but I too was having performance problems and this is what I came up with:

Of course, this might be totally irrelevant for your situation but you might want to have a look.

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Make sure you don’t have any other Editor windows open at the time... especially if the second Editor window is open to the same macro you’re currently modifying. Anytime I run into that same sluggishness you’re describing, it’s because I opened another editor window and forgot about it, and it’s almost always open to the same macro which means KM has to update two windows in real-time.


Ah, easy one there - not this, as I never have multiple windows open. But thanks for the suggestion.

Alas, that 'Evaluate' menu item was already unchecked, so can't try that one.

FWIW I seemed to notice a real speed-up in some aspects of GUI (picking a character for a macro icon, for example) after running this at the shell prompt in Terminal.app:

defaults write com.stairways.keyboardmaestro.editor DisableAnimation -bool YES