Typing Two Keys Simultaneously

Is there a macro or a script I can use in KM to simulate typing two keys simultaneously?

I am not talking about a modifier key + another key – I am talking about like typing "F7 and F8" at the same time.

The "type a keystroke" action only allows 1 key stroke.

Thank you.

That is not literally possible.
Just use two "Type a Keystroke" Actions in a row.
Have you tried that?

If that does not work, what is your use case?
What app requires this?

In Pro Tools pressing F7 + F8 at the same time activates the smart tools.

Did you try:

Is there a menu item that will activate the smart tools?
Can you change the keyboard shortcuts in Pro Tools?

Can KM do a keydown, keydown, keyup, keyup?

Yes, pressing two keys in a row doesn't work.

There's no menu item that I can access the smart tools from.

I found a work around to manually move the mouse to click on the smart tools icon, but it's a bit of a pain to have to make sure the window stays exact where it is so the mouse can click the correct icon.

I tried holding down one key and pressing the other key, but it doesn't work with KM macros – even though I can do it manually by hand.

Try Karabiner-Elements.

Remap a Modifier Key + Another Key to F7 + F8.


Yes, the Type a Keystroke action has variants for Press and Hold and Release (configured in the gear menu of the action). So basically:

  • Press and Hold F7
  • Press and Hold F8
  • Maybe Pause
  • Release F8
  • Release F7

There's another standard Pro Tools shortcut that selects the smart tool – COMMAND+7.

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