UI Browser - Accessibility issue

I had v3 and when I saw that v4 was available, decided to install it. It doesn't for me (maybe it's my macOS, maybe it's something I'm missing, but it doesn't work, meaning the screen reader, for example, doesn't stay ON).

So today I decided to remove all files related to UI Browser using Easy Find (besides the "UI Browser" files, I also deleted those that contained ""pfiddlesoft") and installed v3 again.
Logged out, back in, removed the UI Browser app from the Accessibility pane, added it again, but it can't seem to unlock the access. Any tips?

Probably blocked by Gatekeeper. You can try the following:

You can this disable it with a terminal command : Sudo spctl --master-disable and afterwards set it with Sudo spctl --master-enable on again

Unfortunately, that didn't work... :confused:

I don't use the UI Browser. Maybe another one can help.