Unable to access Shortcat UI Input

I’m currently using an application called [Shortcat] (https://shortcatapp.com/) which lets you use shortcut keys to access just about any UI element in OSX. (Think Vimium/cVim on chrome but for OSX).

My workflow is generally as follows:
Activate Shortcat input box through application-specified shortcut key -> type the ’ . ’ key, which lets me see all the elements I can access -> hold CTRL + Shortcut key to select the element.

This is all standard affair in using Shortcat, but I wanted to at automate the process such that when the shortcat window pops up, the “.” key is already pressed, and the CTRL key is being held down.
Problem: I’m unable to access the input window that shortcat provides from KM. No matter what I do, none of the macros register with that input field. I even tried making the mouse move to that location and clicking the input, but still didn’t work. Any advice on how I can access the input field?

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Sorry, it doesn’t seem anyone has any ideas on this. You might try asking the Shortcat author for assistance on how you could automate it.