Unable to Find Macro Palette

I just started using Keyboard Maestro in Yosemite, and have my Macros triggered by the Palette.

The only problem is… after the first time I closed and opened Maestro, I can’t find the Palette. I’ve looked through all the settings and options and can’t seem to find instructions for how to make the palette visible.

Please advise, this is such a great product but this simple problem means I can’t use it at all!

Which kind of macro palette?

If you use Macro Palette triggers, the macros appear in the global floating macro palette. If you close that, you can reopen it with the Toggle or Show Global Macro Palette.

If you close a macro group palette, then you can reopen it by disabling and reenabling the macro group, or using the Show/Hide Macro Group action.

Alternatively, you can reopen it by relaunching the Keyboard Maestro Engine (in Keyboard Maestro, File ➤ Quit Engine, File ➤ Launch Engine).

Hi Peter,

Thank you for the response! I can't find the Toggle option (it only has Toggle Enable) or Show Global Macro Palette. This is what I see:

Inline image 1

Do I have an old version?


The Quit Engine and Launch Engine solution worked! But it would be nice to know what's going on regarding the seemingly missing buttons or options. Thank you Peter!


The Toggle or Show Global Macro Palette and Show/Hide Macro Group actions are actions. They are not in the menu, they are actions so they are in the action selector (View ➤ Show Actions in edit mode).

You can put them in macros and trigger them any way you like.