Unable to Use Xkeys Keyboard with Big Sur on New Laptop

I've been using Keyboard Maestro on a Mac Pro late 2013 with Catalina with an Xkeys 80 keyboard for a year or so now. Switching it back and forth between the mac desktop can and my macbook pro laptop using a synced file stored in iCloud.

Upgraded to a new laptop, now on Big Sur, and Maestro works fine it appears, synced macros show up just fine, but I can't get the laptop to recognize the Xkeys keyboard at all. Any ideas?


Bad news. Sorry. See this thread:

tried USB Overdrive?

So are there any other keyboards out there like Xkeys that will work?


X-keys can now be programmed under Mac again.
The Software has been out for a few weeks now and does the job.

You can download the Mac programming utility from here:

If you need any X-keys device in Europe, we ship it from www.xkeys.ch