Understanding variables better

I’ve been reading the wiki for KM about variables and I really have a hard time understanding how to really use them. I’d like to understand how to use them more. I see them being used throughout the forum. Can someone explain it better or point to a video or something?


Here are a few posts and videos that will assist you with Variables:

KM Posts

Understanding Variables
@DanThomas helps make this clear for non-programmers like myself.

TIP: Understanding KM Variables, Tokens, & Functions
@JMichaelTX compiled a strong goto area that should be read a few times.

The Important Distinction Between Local and Instance Variables
@peternlewis gives wonderful Use Cases and Example information here.


Keyboard Maestro 201 Prompts
Mr. EZ Buttons shows you how to do it.

Keyboard Maestro - Variables
This one has a Spotify example that may seem complicated but the usage of the variable is the same.

Overall, variables are not difficult. Knowing when to use them or incorporate strategically will be organic. The wonderful gift is this forum has a Macro section that has variable usage in many of the macros. Once you review the above, download a few macros and reverse engineer them. If you have a question, ask the author.

Enjoy the journey.


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