Unlock 1Password before continuing

Hey there,

For my macro to work, I need to unlock my 1Password by entering my master password before anything else executed (if 1Password is not already unlocked).

I guess this has to be done using an “if, then” action, but I’m not quite sure (I’m new to KM).

As of now, this macro opens 1Password, waits 1.5 seconds, types my password and then continues. This causes problems depending on my computer speed. As a result, the macro won’t work correctly if it takes too much time to log in to 1Password.

Any idea how this can be done more elegantly and in a way that works regardless of whether 1Password is unlocked or locked?

I’m looking at this problem, but as an aside, would it be possible to adapt your workflow to prompt you to enter your master password, rather than storing it in the macro? :grimacing:

Hi @TimG , I was confronted with the problem some time ago and was able to solve it with KM.
You can find some examples in this video here

in this video I have given instructions on how to create the macro. It is in German, but it should be understandable.

It is important that you take the screenshots in 1Password and add them to my macros. Attached My Macros to unlock iCloud and the user password. The password for my macro is stored securely in 1Password. It is only saved in the clipboard for a few seconds and deleted immediately after insertion.

For questions... I am here

@1Passswort example Macros.kmmacros (1,4 MB)

Attention, please:

My macros run in conjunction with the App Bartender 3 to hide the menu bar. If you don't use this app, you have to correct the applescript like on the screenshot...

Bin auch Deutsch, das Video war extrem hilfreich, danke! :slight_smile:

Working with "Pausing until" and screenshots worked extremely well, thanks a lot!

I got it to work the way I wanted.

The macro now opens 1Password mini in the menubar, checks if [Screenshot of locked 1Password] shows up. If yes, it pauses until [Screenshot of unlocked 1Password] shows up. Works perfectly whether 1p is unlocked or locked.

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

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