"Unmatched Macros"?

Hi all! Probably a very stupid question but some quick searching wasn't yielding any documentation about this so just asking -- I just noticed that a slew of my macros are in "Unmatched Macros" folders now. I hadn't noticed because they still trigger correctly, but I can't access to edit. Not sure if this would have been caused by a recent update, or (my leading suspicion) some weirdness while syncing between my desktop and my laptop -- though this sync has been fine for years.

What is my best way to get editing access to these macros again? Thanks for any help!

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Ah, I think I know what it is. You've typed something in the editor's "Search" field (in the upper-right). "Unmatched macros" means those macros didn't match your search. Just clear out the search field. You may also need to select a macro group in the left list, if you're seeing all your macros.


I am so glad I prefaced this by saying it was a stupid question, because holy cow.

Thank you Dan for the quick answer, that was absolutely it!

Not a stupid question. There were discussions on how best to name the "unmatched" macros, because Peter, and some of us on the forum, had different ideas. We were all afraid of it being confusing. Just goes to show that nothing's perfect.

Don't forget to mark my post as the Answer. Thanks!

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Ha! It does go to show that sometimes there's just no winning. Many is the time I've been confused about why I couldn't see certain macros, and then realized I had something left in the search field that I'd forgotten about and so my view was being filtered. I can see how the current behavior is an effective solution to that issue! I just needed to be up to speed with how things were working.

Thanks again!

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I am having a similar problem.

Until recently all my Mail (Apple Mail) macros for signing of (Best, etc) were fine.

Now I am seeing all unmatched macros in that macro group and none of the triggers are responding.

Not sure why.



Hi @jipnet,

What happens if you remove the "many" from the search field in the upper left?

I hope it's that simple.

You read the solution post? Post #2.

Problems don't occur in a vacuum. What have you done to your system recently that might have contributed to this issue?