Unminimize Safari not working?

Hello everyone. I'm trying to unminimize Safari but the window stays minimized.
Can anyone help? Thanks.

OK, I looked in to this, and that will not work. It wont work because the front window is the focussed or main window, which a minimized window is not, so there is no front window.

But you can use window with index 1, which will find the window.

Unfortunately, and rather ironically, Keyboard Maestro tries to be a little too smart itself and converts "window with index 1" into "the front window" which then doesn't work either.

But you can get around that, by telling Keyboard Maestro to unminimize "window with index '1+0'". Keyboard Maestro is not "smart" enough to convert that into the non-working "the front window".

And that works.