Until loop stuck, no mouse, can't stop the macro!

help, i have an until condition that will not be met and in the meantime no control of my mouse. how do i stop the macro with keyboard commands, can’t click?

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That’ll teach you. :smile:

Make sure you create a key-driven macro to kill-all macros. Something esoteric but mnemonic like Cmd-Opt-Shift-Ctrl-K.

In the meantime if you can get to the Finder or Spotlight and fire up the Applescript Editor you can run this script to kill the Keyboard Maestro Engine.

tell application "System Events"
	tell application process "Keyboard Maestro Engine"
		set unixID to unix id
	end tell
end tell
do shell script "kill " & unixID

Otherwise you may have to force-shutdown your machine.

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thanks chris,
yes, lesson learned! had to force quit, was worried i may have trouble logging back in if the macro continued, but all is good again. first task was a self killing macro!
thanks again,