Unzip newly downloaded files automatically and remove .zip file into trash?

Is it possible to unzip a .zip file in Downloads folder (in Finder) automatically (or with a single hotkey trigger) and move the original .zip file to trash? This would be very useful as I have have to download multiple zip folders at once. And often it's hard to visually keep track of which zip files have already been opened and turned into folders.

I am running MacOS Catalina 10.15.2 and I do not have a background in coding....

Thank you!

If you want all .zip files to be trashed once they are opened, you can tell Archive Utility.app to do just that. Change the "After expanding" setting to "move archive to Trash" as shown here:

The Archive Utility.app is what is used to open .zip archives. In Catalina you can find it at

/System/Library/CoreServices/Applications/Archive Utility.app

Once you open that, go to its preferences, which will open the window shown above.

Safari by default unzips downloaded files, check that Safari is set to unzip them:

Inspired by your question I posted a macro, that might be useful:

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