Upcoming Free Keyboard Maestro Webinar

Just a quick note for readers here that today David Sparks announced he will be providing a free Keyboard Maestro webinar on 27 August 2020.

For some time now I’ve been trying to increasingly work with my technology in terms of contexts, not apps. I don’t want to open the Mail App to check email. Instead, I want to open the mail app to look at my legal inbox and nothing else. I don’t want to open Safari to a home page. Instead, I want to open Safari to the specific page on my learn.macsparky platform that lets me manage customer support issues. Staying in context means avoiding getting sidetracked.
This idea started for me on the iPhone and quickly found its way to the iPad, using Shortcuts. Over the last few months, I've implemented this context-based computing on my Mac and it’s glorious. I'm pulling it all off with Keyboard Maestro. There are three areas in my life: Personal, MacSparky, and the legal practice. With just a few keyboard shortcuts I can perform all of my most common tasks in each area of my life in context using Keyboard Maestro.

For anyone unfamiliar with David Sparks, online he has the MacSparky blog, co-hosts two podcasts (one on automation), and has authored a number of Field Guide tutorial ebooks, including one for Keyboard Maestro. Full information about this presentation is on his blog:

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Hi, do you know if it is possible to find somewhere that webinar? Or if there is any similar thing coming?

Hey Casey,

I believe that's available for $29.00 USD now:

Keyboard Maestro Field Guide

I'm told it's worth the money, but I haven't seen it myself.


There's some free stuff here:

Keyboard Maestro Macros on MacSparky

You'll also find quite a bit of free stuff on YouTube – including a preview of the KM Field Guide I list above.

Keyboard Maestro Field Guide Announcement



Thank you!

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A good seminar, worth the purchase!