Update a web page without refreshing it


I am looking a way to update a web page without refreshing it to get some info from that page, like URLs,elements, xpaths.

For example i want to periodically update the KM Questions & Suggestions page and check if there are some new topics. If there are some new topics then get Titles and URLs of these topics to open in a new browser tab.

Any advice is highly appreciated.

What is the difference between "update" and "refresh" a web page?

As i know it is possible to update elements on a web page and get data without refreshing the page itself using Ajax but i am not sure how it works.

Ajax is usually used by the web page author. I do not know how, or if, it can be used by JavaScript in Browser. You would have to do the research.

OTOH, I see no reason not to take the simple route and just refresh the page. Why do you not want to do that?