Upload Files (Images ) in Chrome or Safari


I am trying to upload images or files.

I have renamed the image folder & images.


The fold is located in "Documents/products". I can change if it needs.

Or I can upload them to our server to get the links if it needs.


I have searched some and I found it might be hard to use some KM logic due to the security problem in chrome.

Then how can I upload them in chrome?

If I do manually ( move mouse or hit tab keys ), how can I find the folder to select images?

Or any script or KM actions?

Any experience or small tips would be a huge help for me.

Thank you all the time,

Hey Sasi,

To open the folder you can use:

Something like this:

Open Folder and Select-All v1.00.kmmacros (6.9 KB)
Keyboard Maestro Export

Then you can use the technique I outline in my post here to do the drag and drop.

Drag Finder selection to "Found Image" in Chrome Browser window - #11 by ccstone


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