Uppercase First Letter PER LINE

Hi there. Longtime lurker, first time poster. Love KM.

Today I realized that my selection of text filter modifiers (I use: lowercase all, Title Case, UPPERCASE, Upper first, etc.) was misbehaving for Upper first. Or rather, it's functioning as it should, but not as I want it to.

It works great to Uppercase the first letter of a large selection, but where it fails is for multi-line items. If I use an entire set of rows in Google Sheets for example, and I run Title Case or UPPER, it works flawlessly and all the text is manipulated across the line breaks. If I run Uppercase First, it will only take the very first letter.

My question is: is there a way to have the Uppercase First act on each individually found row/line break from the clipboard?

Cheers and thanks to all you wonderful KM users! :slight_smile:

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Something like this?

Uppercase First Character of Every Line.kmmacros (1.9 KB)


Note for your future macros -- if you use Local variables when you don't need values to persist you won't need to go through that %Delete% rigmarole. See the "Scope" section of the manual.


That totally worked, thanks so much @Nige_S!!