Upscale With Resize Image to Fit?

It appears that I can’t ‘upscale’ an image with the ‘Resize Image to Fit’ action. No problem to ‘downscale’. And the ‘Resize Image’ action allows me to ‘upscale’. Is this a known bug?

No, that is by design. Resize Image to fit resizes an image proportionally smaller so that it fits within the boundary size. It does not resize to a larger size if it already fits within the boundary.

You will have to do that yourself if desired. Get Image Size, calculate, Resize Image.

Hi Peter,

Heck! This is not the same ‘Fit Image’ as in Photoshop? Ok, I’ll have to do math then :scream:


Another question: I read an image file at 72dpi to a named clipboard, composite text onto this image and write the named clipboard to file. This new file is now at 144dpi. Why?

The system creates 144dpi images if you look at it sideways any time its on a retina display.

Sadly the Composite onto Image action did not get fixed for 7.3.

I will look in to fixing it.

You can probably more or less correct it using the Resize Image action to resize it to half size.