URL Cleaner?

URLs often come with cruft after the ? character. Is there an elegant, simple, fast way to invoke a URL cleaner from KM?

I found one such macro on the forum from about 3-4 yrs ago and it won't open /Automatically Remove URL Cruft.kmmacros - looking at the code it doesn't look all that sophisticated.

Are there modern cleaners?

Your middle sentence is not easy to make sense of :slight_smile:

You are naming a macro or describing a difficulty in using it ?

I found one such macro on the forum from about 3-4 yrs ago

Can you give us a link to it ?

Popclip can do that:

Thanks, I just discovered: GitHub - rknightuk/TrackerZapper: Menubar app to remove link tracking parameters automatically which is I think what I really needed in the first place.

Let's see if yet another "app" running in 16GB M1 Mac causes thrashing.

Hey Mark,

When posting questions like this it's especially important to let us know what web browser you're using – that greatly affects the possible solutions.

@griffman built a system quite recently

An Automatic URL Decrufter for Defined Hosts

You may also want to look at this critter:

‎StopTheMadness on the Mac App Store

Peter recommended it to me.

I haven't tried it out, because I thought it was for Safari only – but it supports Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Brave Browser.

$10.00 on the App-Store, but that's pretty cheap for all the goodies it has.


@weberwa Popclip keeps on showing up on my radar, I will eventually have a look. FWIW the cleaner has a fairly simple filter. The one that got me started down this path TrackerZapper - has a more elegant list: TrackerZapper/AppDelegate.swift at 1.2.1 · rknightuk/TrackerZapper · GitHub

@ccstone I'm using both Safari and Chrome, I will try to remember to mention in the future. I can't immediately see how that makes a difference. My intention was to turn a URL cleaner into a function that I could call from other macros. I would feed it a URL and it would come back cleaner. The Decruffter from @griffman seems to have much of what I want. Danke.

- Mark

Different osascript interfaces, inter alia

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